Reminder Card

Dairy Cow Trimming

It is good practice to trim at dry off and again at 150 days in milk, giving each cow a trimming twice yearly. Each farm is different as to how often they need to schedule trimming. Larger dairies may need to go once a week and do 50 to 60 cows, another may need to go biweekly, monthly, every other month, or simply twice a year. Proper trimming helps prevent sole ulcers, and hoof abscesses by maintaining correct hoof alignment and weight distribution.


Bull Trimming

Beef bulls should be trimmed in the spring prior to going to work.

Record keeping

All work done on the farm will be recorded on an invoice. Our invoices are created using an iPad while on the farm and provided to the client via email. The invoice will show the animal ID number, what surgeries were done to each foot, and whether a wrap or block was applied to that animal.


You can call direct to Jason at 402.394.1082 to schedule an appointment to trim. Most clients are kept on a regular schedule during the year to keep scheduling accurate for both the client and for Hoof Man, Inc. We try to work with everyone's schedule the best we can to keep your day and our day flowing well. A reminder card like the one shown to the left will be sent to you about a week prior to any scheduled trimming.